Endurance: Prangli Island
Genre Reality Competition
Created by Kollanekoer
Presented by Kollanekoer
Narrated by J.D. Roth ;)
Country of origin Estonia
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) Prangli Island, Estonia
Running time 30 minutes
Original airing July 2015
Preceded by N/A
Followed by TBA
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Endurance:Prangli Island is the first iteration of vevmo's version of Endurance. 7 teams of 2 will compete for a grand prize in the beautiful Prangli Island, Estonia.The first twist of the season happened after the right to stay, splitting the contestants into two groups. One group consisting of the grizzled players who have been around vevmo for over a year and five months, The Old. And the fresher players who have been on vevmo for under a year and five months, The Fresh.


Team # of pieces Finish
JAMiEFiRE & Metalking 14 Winners
Hardbitten & Net 0 Runners Up
LurkerNoMore & TYGUY14 0 3rd
josh8793 & Semisweet 0 4th
DarkFights & Klounsnax2.0 0 5th
JohnPhoenix & Emotional 0 6th
DScott & RealityFanForever 0 7th



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Finale
JAMiEFiRE & Metalking Samadhi Draw Win Win Win Win Win Draw Win Win(2) Winners
Hardbitten & Net LoseWinLoseTempleSamadhiTempleLoseWinTempleWin (1)Runners Up
LurkerNoMore & TYGUY14 LoseDrawLoseDrawLoseDrawLoseTempleTemple
josh8793 & Semisweet LoseSafeLoseSafeWinDrawLoseTemple
DarkFights & Klounsnax2.0 LoseSafeLoseDrawLoseTemple
Emotional & JohnPhoenix Win Temple Samadhi Temple
DScott & RealityFanForever LoseTemple
     This team won the endurance mission and a pyramid piece
     This team received the samadhi by the winners of the endurance mission
     This team won the Temple mission selected the first team to go to the Temple of Fate
     This team was sent to the Temple of Fate and won
     This team was eliminated at the Temple of Fate
Teams Pieces
JAMiEFiRE & Metalking Heart.png Commitment Friendship.png Trust.png Teamwork.png Leadership Strength.pngKarmaDiscipline
Hardbitten & Net Luck.png Courage Ingenuity.png Perserverance.pngKnowledge.png
LurkerNoMore & TYGUY14 3rd Place
Red Won Karma & Discipline, Purple Won Knowledge
josh8793 & Semisweet 4th Place
Knowledge piece to Grey Team
DarkFights & Klounsnax2.0 5th Place
Perseverance piece to Purple Team, Leadership piece to Red Team
Emotional & JohnPhoenix 6th Place
Courage & Ingenuity Pieces to Purple Team
DScott & RealityFanForever 7th place
Commitment piece to Red Team