I Love Vevmoney
Genre Reality Competition
Created by Justintime
Presented by Justintime & JamieFire
Country of origin United States
Original airing July 2015
Preceded by N/A
Followed by I Love Vevmoney 2.0: The Throwback
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List of I Love Vevmoney contestants
Contestant I Love Money
Original Team Second Team Singles Finish
DScott 20 Pac Gold Green Winner
DarkFights ChiChi Green Green Runner Up
nevidcm Buckwild Gold Green 2nd Runner Up
josh8793 Heat Gold Gold 4th
CMJ White Boy Green Gold 5th
GucciMane It Gold Green 6th
HURRICANENIAFAN Saaphyri Green Gold 7th
BlueHatchet2 Megan Green Green 8th
Klounsnax2.0 Tailor Made Gold Green 9th
Kollanekoer Cornfed Green Green 10th
FreshMeat 12 Pack Gold Green 11th
Metalking Fox Green Gold 12th
RLK2014 Hoopz Green Gold 13th
LurkerNoMore The Entertainer Green Gold 14th
Emotional Midget Mac Green Green 15th
Badladjj Buckeey Gold Gold 16th
WittyWrath New York Gold Gold 17th
RealityFanForever Blonde Baller Gold Gold 18th
Hardbitten 6 Gauge Green 19th
richjoe92 Mr.Boston Gold 20th
TylerLovesTyler3 Punisher Gold 21st
TYGUY14 Pumkin Green 22nd
MCM Angelique Gold 23rd
LucciVee Myammee Gold 24th
Dylan76 Mindy No Team 25th



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Finale
Dscott SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeWinSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeBoxSafeWinBoxWinner
DarkFights SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeWinSafeSafeSafeBoxSafeSafeSafeWinBoxBox2nd
nevidcm SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeWinSafeSafeBoxSafeBoxBoxSafeBoxBoxBox3rd
josh8793 SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeLoseSafeSafeBoxWinSafeSafeSafeSafeBoxVOID
CMJ Safe WinWinLoseWinSafeLoseSafeSafeSafeSafeWinSafeBoxBoxVOID
GucciMane SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeWinSafeBoxSafeSafeBoxWinWinVOID
HurricaneNiaFan SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeLoseBoxSafeSafeSafeSafeBoxVOID
BlueHatchet2 CaptainWinWinLoseWinSafeWinSafeWinSafeBoxSafeSafeVOID
Klounsnax2.0 SafeLoseLoseWinLoseCaptainWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeVOID
Kollanekoer SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeWinBoxSafeSafeSafeVOID
Freshmeat SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeWinSafeSafeSafeVOID
Metalking SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeLoseSafeBoxVOID
RLK2014 SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeLoseSafeVOID
LurkerNoMore SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeLoseVOID
Emotional SafeWinWinLoseWinSafeWinVOID
Badladjj SafeVOIDReturnWinLoseCaptainLoseVOID
WittyWrath SafeLoseLoseWinLoseSafeLoseVOID
RealityFanForever CaptainLoseLoseWinLoseSafeVOID
Hardbitten SafeWinWinLoseWinVOID
richjoe92 SafeLoseLoseLoseVOID
TylerLovesTyler3 SafeLoseLoseWinVOID
LucciVee SafeVOID
Dylan76 VOID
     This contestant is a member of the Green Team
     This contestant is a member of the Gold Team
     This contestant was the captain on a Gold Team Loss
     This contestant was the captain on a Green Team Loss
     This contestant was on the winning team for that challenge but was not the Paymaster.
     This contestant was The Paymaster for the week
     This contestant's check was voided by the paymaster
     This contestant was not selected for a team and therefore had their check voided
     This contestant quit the competition
     This contestant returned to the competition
     This contestant's check was in the strongbox but was saved by the Paymaster

Subsequent Vevmo Games

Contestant Subsequent Vevmo Games Appearances Vevmo Games Won
Emotional Endurance: Prangli Islands, Vevmo Games: All In
RealityFanForever Endurance: Prangli Islands
TYGUY14 Endurance: Prangli Islands, Vevmo Games: Free Agents, Vevmo Games: The Triad
richjoe92 Vevmo Games: Battle of the Superfans, The Real Road, Vevmo Games: The Triad
schaboszczak (MCM) Vevmo Games: Free Agents, Vevmo Games: Battle of the Superfans, Vevmo Games: Battle of the Ages