The Vevmo Challenge: Assassins
Genre Reality Competition
Format Individual
Presented by Klounv3
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 10
Location(s) Pompeii, Italy
Running time 60 minutes
Original airing April 20, 2018
Preceded by Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
Followed by The Vevmo Challenge: Retribution
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The Vevmo Challenge: Assassins is the 7th game in the Vevmo Games franchise, which is now changed to The Vevmo Challenge. Assassins was an overall individual format, with alternating challenges of teams, pairs and individual. "The elimination this season is called the Gambit. The winner of each Gambit will earn the power of the Assassin and have the ability to vote in anyone they want from the pool of Mission losers to face the next Gambit. Two go into the Gambit, and only one comes out."


Host: Klounv3

Player Debut Season Finish
Hardbitten SurVevmo: Kimberly Winner
LurkerNoMore Mafia I Winner
el_greco Survivor: South Pacific Runner Up
Infamous Mafia II: Bloodbath Runner Up
WhiteSkull Survivor: South Pacific Episode 8
thedefiantwolf The Real Road II Episode 7
Cochroach VG IV: Battle of The Ages Episode 6
KVM1977 VRX: The Coliseum II Episode 5
BigDaddyVova VG IV: Battle of The Ages Episode 4
badladjj VR XI: The Tomb II Episode 3
InterFan The Real Road II Episode 1
Player Debut Season Finish
Kollanekoer Mafia 1 Winner
tdstegall VC VII: Assassins Winner
Shanley Are You The One? Runner Up
Shboogies VC VII: Assassins Runner Up
SKB504 VC VII: Assassins Episode 8
AshtonMartin VC VII: Assassins Episode 7
Slayvia2370 The Real Road II Episode 6
RLK2014 BBVT Episode 5
Imallergic Are You The One? Episode 4
KW713 VC VII: Assassins Episode 3
Shygirl00008 VC VII: Assassins Episode 2

Game summary

Elimination chart

Episode Challenge type/
Elim Gender
Challenge winners Elimination contestants Elimination game Elimination outcome
# Challenge Contractor's Pick Assassin's Pick Winner Loser
1 Riot Act Indiviudal / Male Maroon Team Interfan Infamous Tear Down This Wall Infamous InterFan
2 Dangle Duo Male-Female Pairs / Female Infamous & Kollanekoer Shygirl00008 SKB504 Blurred Lines SKB504 Shygirl00008
BigDaddyVova & Cochroach
badladjj & Slayvia2370
3 Unburied Same Gender Pairs / Both Infamous & KVM1977 badladjj BigDaddyVova Black & Yellow BigDaddyVova* badladjj
Kollanekoer & SKB504 kw713 shboogies shboogies kw713
4 Talk About Me, B!^#@ Individual / Both LurkerNoMore Cochroach BigDaddyVova Do The Jerk Cochroach BigDaddyVova
RLK2014 imallergic SKB504 SKB504 imallergic
5 Stacked 4 Teams of 4 / Both Cochroach
KVM1977 thedefiantwolf Spot On thedefiantwolf KVM1977
RLK2014 shboogies shboogies RLK2014
6 Thnks Fr Ketchin Up Male-Female Pairs / Both shboogies & thedefiantwolf Infamous Cochroach Careless Whisper Infamous Cochroach
Slayvia2370 Kollanekoer Kollanekoer Slayvia2370
7 The Inquisition 4 teams of 3 / Both Infamous
Hardbitten thedefiantwolf Roman's Revenge Hardbitten thedefiantwolf
AshtonMartin Shanley Shanley AshtonMartin
8 Surgit, Pompeii! Individual / Both el_greco WhiteSkull Hardbitten I Can Do It Hardbitten WhiteSkull
Kollanekoer SKB504 Shanley Shanley SKB504
9 Final Challenge Hardbitten, Kollanekoer, LurkerNoMore, tdstegall 2nd place: el_greco, Infamous, Shanle, Shboogies