Episode Power team Arena contestants Arena outcome
# Challenge Last-place team Winners' selection Last-place pair Selected pair Winning pair Losing pair
1 Don't Cross Me Team SurVevmo Team Free 4 All Team AYTO? FreeAgent3 & Mariochristopher_ 202mitch & josh8793 202mitch & josh8793 FreeAgent3 & Mariochristopher_
2 Oil Change Team Real Road Team SurVevmo Team Vevmo's Revenge CantKeepQuiet & CMJ DScott & JamieFire DScott & JamieFire CantKeepQuiet & CMJ
3 Hook, Line & Sinker Team Mafia Team Superfans Team Real Road Boncat23 & timster3 Deeper & Torstar0 Deeper & Torstar0 Boncat23 & timster3
4 Don't Weigh Me Down Team AYTO? Team SurVevmo Team Real Road Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix Ryan373 & Torstar0 Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix Ryan373 & Torstar0
5 Chairman of the Board Team Superfans Team Mafia Team Real Road Kollanekoer & LurkerNoMore Deeper & InternationalFan Kollanekoer & LurkerNoMore Deeper & InternationalFan
6 Insane Games Team Mafia Team Free 4 All Team Vevmo's Revenge Jman09 & Tbone123 badladjj & Klounsnax2.0 badladjj & Klounsnax2.0 Jman09 & Tbone123
7 Logged Out Team Vevmo's Revenge Team AYTO? Team SurVevmo PinkRose & WittyWrath Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix PinkRose & WittyWrath
8 Hunger Games Team Vevmo's Revenge Team Superfans Team Mafia ChallengeFan00 & HonestTea101 MickeyFlo24 & nevidcm ChallengeFan00 & HonestTea101 MickeyFlo24 & nevidcm
9 Abandon Ship Team Mafia Team Vevmo's Revenge Team AYTO? badladjj & DScott 202mitch & josh8793 202mitch & josh8793 badladjj & DScott
10 Force Field Team SurVevmo Team Vevmo's Revenge Team Mafia JamieFire & Klounsnax2.0 Kollanekoer & LurkerNoMore JamieFire & Klounsnax2.0 Kollanekoer & LurkerNoMore
11 Sling Shot Team AYTO? Team SurVevmo Team Vevmo's Revenge Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix JamieFire & Klounsnax2.0 JamieFire & Klounsnax2.0 Hardbitten & JohnPhoenix
12 Final Challenge Team Vevmo's Revenge 2nd Place: Team AYTO?; 3rd Place:Team Superfans

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