Vevmo's Mole
Genre Reality Competition
Created by hannamez8
Presented by hannamez8
Country of origin United States
Location(s) Paraguay
Running time 60 minutes
Original airing May 2015

Vevmo’s The Mole 

A Mole; noun: A spy (as a double agent) who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage.

Seventeen strangers set off in a journey through missions and quizzes. Each mission they pass adds money to a group pot, that only one player can win, and can grow up to $500,000 dollars. But one of the seventeen players is a mole, a double agent, working for us to sabotage the group’s effort by preventing them to pass the missions. No one knows who the mole is, so no one knows whom they can trust. Not all of them will complete the journey because every few days there will be a quiz about the mole. The players who score the lowest on the quizzes are executed and must leave the game immediately. It is a simple game… Be observant, expose the mole, and claim the money. Each player has a strategy, but only one will win. The one, who correctly answers the question, ‘who is the mole’... Is it?


Cast Member Role Finish
Badladjj Player
BostonBoy Mole
Dscott Player
DarkFights Player
Emotional Player
JohnPhoenix Player
GucciMane Player Executed Week 4
JamieFire Player Executed Week 3
JustinTime Player Executed Week 3
LurkerNoMore Player Executed Week 3
Fransisco Player Executed Week 2
HurricanNiaFan Player Executed Week 2
josh8793 Player Executed Week 2
MickeyFlo24 Player Executed Week 2
Velocithot Player Executed Week 2
CMJ Player Executed Week 1
Kollanekoer Player Executed Week 1