Vevmo Games: All In
Genre Reality Competition
Created by josh8793
Presented by josh8793
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 12
Location(s) Las Vegas, Nevada
Running time 60 minutes (with commercials)
Original channel Vemvo
Original airing January 2016
Preceded by Vevmo Games: Free Agents
Followed by Vevmo Games: Battle of The Superfans
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Vevmo Games: All In, is the Second season, retroactively, of a new series of Vevmo Games similar to both Vevmo's Revenge and MTV's The Challenge. This season saw 30 contestants brought to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete for the fictional prize of $250,000. The format this season saw the contestants separated into pairs, but with individual eliminations, meaning their partners could change.

The Game began on January 10th, 2016 hosted by josh8793.

The winners of this season were Dscott & LurkerNoMore


Host: Josh8793

Contestants Part 1
Player Debut Season Finish
DScott VR11: The Tomb III Winner
LurkerNoMore Mafia I Winner
Klounsnax2.0 VR10: The Coliseum II 2nd Place
Youssarian VR7: The Isle 2nd Place
MetalKing Mafia II 3rd Place
SemiSweet BigBrother:VevmoTakeover 3rd Place
BlueHatchet2 SurVevmo: Ghost Island 4th Place
hannamez8 VR11: The Tomb III 4th Place
Hardbitten SurVevmo: Kimberley 5th Place
JamieFire VR11: The Tomb III 5th Place
JustinTime Mafia III Episode11
Rei Vevmo Games: All In Episode11
gamer73 Vevmo's Revenge 3 Episode10
badladjj VR11:The Tomb III Episode10
Tbone123 Vevmo Games: All In Episode9
Contestants Part 2
Player Debut Season Finish
202Mitch BigBrother:VevmoTakeover Episode9
Raymond21 VR4: The Citadel Episode8
PinkRose BigBrother:VevmoTakeover Episode8
FreeAgent3 VR12: Free Agents Episode7
Jman09 VR12: Free Agents Episode7
RLK2014 BigBrother:VevmoTakeover Episode6
WittyWrath SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode6
JohnPhoenix SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode5
kvm1977 VR10: The Coliseum II Episode5
Emotional I Love Vevmoney Episode5
LucciVee BigBrother:VevmoTakeover Episode4
TylerLovesTyler3 SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode3
Net Mafia III Episode3
mariochristopher_ Vevmo Games: All In Episode2
Nostalgic VR10: The Coliseum II Episode2

Phase 1 Teams

Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Team Formed Eliminated
202mitch hannamez8      Episode 5 N/A
Badladjj Youssarian      Episode 1 N/A
BlueHatchet2 Semisweet      Episode 5 N/A
Dscott hardbitten      Episode 1 N/A
Gamer73 LurkerNoMore      Episode 1 N/A
JamieFire MetalKing      Episode 1 N/A
Justintime Rei      Episode 1 N/A
Klounsnax2.0 Tbone123      Episode 1 N/A
PinkRose Raymond21      Episode 5 Episode 8
FreeAgent3 Jman09      Episode 1 Episode 7
RLK2014 WittyWrath      Episode 4 Episode 6
JohnPhoenix PinkRose      Episode 3 Episode 5
202Mitch Raymond21      Episode 1 Episode 5
hannamez8 KVM1977      Episode 1 Episode 5
Emotional Semisweet      Episode 1 Episode 5
BlueHatchet2 WittyWrath      Episode 1 Episode 4
LucciVee RLK2014      Episode 1 Episode 4
PinkRose TylerLovesTyler3      Episode 1 Episode 3
JohnPhoenix Net      Episode 1 Episode 3
mariochristopher_ Nostalgic      Episode 1 Episode 2

Phase 2 Teams

Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Team Formed Eliminated
Dscott LurkerNoMore      Episode 11 Winners
Klounsnax2.0 Youssarian      Episode 11 Runners Up
Metalking Semisweet      Episode 11 3rd Place
BlueHatchet2 hannamez8      Episode 11 4th Place
Hardbitten JamieFire      Episode 10 5th Place
Justintime Rei      Episode 11 Episode 11
BlueHatchet2 SemiSweet      Episode 10
badladjj gamer73      Episode 10
hannamez8 Justintime      Episode 10
Dscott Klounsnax2.0      Episode 10
LurkerNoMore Metalking      Episode 10
Rei Youssarian      Episode 9 Episode 10
202mitch badladjj      Episode 9
BlueHatchet2 gamer73      Episode 9
Dscott Semisweet      Episode 9
hannamez8 Klounsnax2.0      Episode 9
hardbitten Tbone123      Episode 9
JamieFire MetalKing      Episode 9
Justintime LurkerNoMore      Episode 9

Elimination chart

Episode Winners Royal Flush Ring Contestants Ring Game Ring Outcome
# Challenge Team 1st Place Team 2nd Place Team Last Place Team Royals Selection Ring Winner Ring Loser New Team Formed
1 Bumper Partners Metalking (JamieFire) PinkRose & TylerLovesTyler3 JamieFire & Metalking
2 Ring Toss Badladjj & Youssarian Badladjj & Youssarian Justintime & Rei gamer73 & LurkerNoMore mariochristopher_ & Nostalgic N/A gamer73* Nostalgic N/A
KnotSoFast LurkerNoMore mariochristopher_
3 Squeeze Play JamieFire & Metalking JamieFire & Metalking hannamez8 & kvm1977 JohnPhoenix & Net PinkRose & TylerLovesTyler3 Push Me JohnPhoenix TylerLovesTyler3 JohnPhoenix & PinkRose
NameThatCoconut PinkRose Net
4 Chairman of The Board JamieFire & Metalking JamieFire & Metalking Klounsnax2.0 & Tbone123 BlueHatchet2 & WittyWrath LucciVee & RLK2014 NameThatCoconut WittyWrath LucciVee RLK2014 & WittyWrath
I Can RLK2014 BlueHatchet2
5 Oil Change JamieFire & Metalking JamieFire & Metalking Klounsnax2.0 & Tbone123 202mitch & Raymond21 hannamez8 & kvm1977 I Can hannamez8 Raymond21 202mitch & hannamez8
Push Me 202Mitch* kvm1977
6 Decoder Ring gamer73 & LurkerNoMore JamieFire & Metalking Klounsnax2.0 & Tbone123 FreeAgent3 & Jman09 RLK2014 & WittyWrath NameThatCoconut FreeAgent3 WittyWrath N/A
Push Me Jman09 RLK2014
7 Sawed Off BlueHatchet2 & Semisweet JamieFire & Metalking Klounsnax2.0 & Tbone123 FreeAgent3 & Jman09 PinkRose & Raymond21 Push Me Raymond21 FreeAgent3 N/A
NameThatCoconut PinkRose Jman09
8 Chain Reaction 202mitch & hannamez8 JamieFire & Metalking Klounsnax2.0 & Tbone123 PinkRose & Raymond21 gamer73 & LurkerNoMore NameThatCoconut LurkerNoMore Raymond21 N/A
KnotSoFast gamer73 PinkRose
9 Unscrambler Rei & Youssarian JamieFire & Metalking JustinTime & LurkerNoMore 202Mitch & badladjj LurkerNoMore** NameThatCoconut LurkerNoMore 202Mitch
10 Move Along Hardbitten & JamieFire Hardbitten & JamieFire LurkerNoMore & Metalking badladjj & gamer73 BlueHatchet2 & Semisweet KnotSoFast Bluehatchet2 gamer73
I Can Semisweet badladjj
11 Auto-Draw JustinTime & Rei I Can Semisweet Justintime
Metalking & Semisweet NameThatCoconut Metalking Rei
12 Final Challenge Dscott & LurkerNoMore 2nd Place: Klounsnax2.0 & Youssarian; 3rd Place: Metalking & Semisweet; 4th Place: BlueHatchet2 & hannamez8; 5th Place: Hardbitten & JamieFire

Scoreboard progress

Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Final Challenge
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4


"First, you will be competing in pairs.

Second, Based on how you do in that day’s challenge will earn each member of your team points. I will breakdown the points after the first challenge, with the lowest amount of points being knocked off after each elimination.

(So both teammates will receive points EX: Josh8793 & Bacchus each get 20 points for winning that days mission giving their team total a 40. v123 & DarkFights got last in that days mission and get 5 points each for a total of 10.)

Third, once everyone’s numbers are totaled. The Top 2 teams will become what is known as The Royal Flush (aka The Inner Circle). The team with the lowest combined total will automatically be competing in the elimination known as, The Ring.

Next, The Royal Flush will decide which other team will go into elimination. Each of the 4 gets an individual vote. IF The Royals can not come to a consensus after two votes The Royal Flush will flip a set of cards and the team who draws the face card will be safe and the other team will be facing the Last place team in The Ring.

Eliminations will be individual. The matchups will be decided by the flip of a card. If both teammates win, they remain a team. If one from each pair wins,they form a new team. The team that is thrown into elimination by The Royal Flush will pick the elimination game card. The matchup that draws the King will pick their card first and then the Queens will pick second.

Since for each challenge both teammates receive the points the new total is simply combined. (EX: If Josh8793 has 30 points and Bacchus has 16 points then their new team total is 46 points.)" |}

Subsequent Vevmo Games

Contestant Subsequent Vevmo Games Appearances Vevmo Games Won
mariochristopher_ Vevmo Games: The Triad, Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters, SurVevmo: Victoria, The Vevmo Challenge: Retribution
Rei The Real Road
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