Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages
Genre Reality Competition
Format Forum Game
Presented by TylerLovesTyler3 & Schaboszczak
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
Location(s) Tokyo, Japan
Running time 60 Minutes (With Commercials)
First shown in October 2016
Preceded by Vevmo Games: Battle of The Superfans
Followed by Vevmo Games: The Triad
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For the fourth installment of Vevmo Games, TylerLovesTyler3 brings 30 compeittors to Tokyo,Japan. There they were split into 3 teams based off of where they premiered. One team full of those who first played in the hit series Vevmo's Revenge. One who all premiered on games other than VR and the last full of people who previously started on the rival site of Entertaining Reality.


Host: Schaboszczak

Team VR
Player Finish
Badladjj 3rd Place
Hannamez8 3rd Place
Dscott Episode 9
Trinidad055 Episode 9
GucciMane Episode 8
Gamer73 Episode 7
Youssarian Episode 7
Raymond21 Episode 5
Klounsnax2.0 Episode 5
DebutAlbum Episode 3
KVM1977 Episode 2
Team Vevmo Games
Player Finish
Hardbitten Winner
HonestTea101 Winner
Infamous Winner
JohnPhoenix Winner
josh8793 Winner
Kollanekoer Winner
ChallengeFan00 Episode 8
Semisweet Episode 5
LurkerNoMore* Removed
CMJ Episode1
RLK2014 Episode1
Team ER
Player Finish
Aladmaho Runner Up
BigDaddyVova Runner Up
Bupersoy Runner Up
ColeStoryBro Runner Up
Flyguy Runner Up
KennyER Runner Up
Nte Episode 6
TheCloser Episode 6
AlainaER Episode 4
Stan_ER Episode 4
TassieDevil Episode2

Elimination chart

Episode Winner Arena vote Arena game Arena
# Challenge VR VG ER Winner Loser
1 Logged Out Team Vevmo's Revenge N/A CMJ KennyER I Can Stan_ER CMJ
RLK2014 AlainaER AlainaER RLK2014
2 Ain't Nobody Counts Better Than Me Team Vevmo Games Raymond21 N/A TassieDevil Hall Brawl Raymond21 TassieDevil
KVM1977 Nte Nte KVM1977
3 Ball Pit Team Vevmo Games DebutAlbum N/A Aladmaho Hall Brawl Aladmaho DebutAlbum
Raymond21 Nte Canceled
4 Love The Way You Lie Team Vevmo's Revenge N/A Infamous Stan_ER Back Off Infamous Stan_ER
Semisweet AlainaER josh8793 AlainaER
5 Not So Trivial Pursuit Team Entertaining Reality Klounsnax2.0 Infamous N/A
Raymond21 ChallengeFan00
6 Pinata Pit Team Vevmo's Revenge N/A Infamous TheCloser Up Up & Away ChallengeFan00 TheCloser
ChallengeFan00 Nte Infamous Nte
7 Riot Act Team Entertaining Reality Youssarian Kollanekoer N/A Pull Out Kollanekoer Youssarian
Gamer73 ChallengeFan00 ChallengeFan00 Gamer73
8 Last Will Be First Team Entertaining Reality GucciMane JohnPhoenix N/A I Can JohnPhoenix GucciMane
Trinidad055 ChallengeFan00 Trinidad055 ChallengeFan00
9 Rock Me Out Team Vevmo Games DScott N/A Bupersoy Ring My Bell Bupersoy DScott
Trinidad055 BigDaddyVova BigDaddyVova Trinidad055
10 Final Challenge Team Vevmo Games 2nd Place: Team Entertaining Reality; 3rd Place: Team Vevmo's Revenge

Team Captains

Round Vevmo's
1 Klounsnax2.0 JohnPhoenix Bupersoy
2 Dscott Kollanekoer Bupersoy
3 Dscott HonestTea101 Bupersoy
4 Klounsnax2.0 JohnPhoenix Bupersoy