Vevmo Games: Battle of The Superfans
Genre Reality Competition
Presented by Badladjj
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 11
Location(s) Cooroy Mountain, Australia
Running time 60 mintutes
Original channel Vevmoo
Preceded by Vevmo Games: All In
Followed by Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages
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Vevmo Games: Battle of the Superfans is the 3rd installment of The Vevmo Games, following the highly succesful All In. Badladjj takes the rains once again to bring vevmo his twist on The Challenge: Cutthroat. Battle of the Superfans features 30 of Vevmo's most notorious and rookie members to compete in 3 teams for a fictional prize of $250,000.

The Winners of this season were the Red Team of Dscott, Euroslavia, and josh8793.


Host: Badladjj 

Original Blue Team
Player Debut Season Finish
DScott VR11:TheTombIII Winner
Schabozczak I Love Vevmoney FinalPart1
ChallengeFan00 VG3:BOTSF Episode10
HonestTea101 VG3:BOTSF Episode9
Tbone123 VG2:AllIn Episode9
Amymak23 VG3:BOTSF Episode6
LucciVee BBVT Episode6
richjoe92 I Love Vevmoney Episode3
timster3 VG3:BOTSF Episode2
JAMiEFiRE VR11:TheTombIII Episode2
Original Grey Team
Player Debut Season Finish
bupersoy VG3: BOTSF RunnerUp
Infamous Mafia II RunnerUp
kvm1977 VR10:TheColiseum II FinalPart1
Boncat23 VG3: BOTSF Episode10
RLK2014 BBVT Episode7
Youssarian VR7: The Isle Episode6
CMJ SurVevmo:Kimberley Episode5
PinkRose BBVT Episode4
bluehatchet2 SurVevmo:GhostIsland Episode3
ColeStoryBro ER Survivor:Bermuda Episode2
Original Red Team
Player Debut Season Finish
Euroslavia VR10:TheColiseum II Winner
josh8793 AreYouTheOneToo? Winner
Kollanekoer Mafia 1 RunnerUp
hannamez8* VR11:TheTombIII Episode8
WittyWrath SurVevmo:GhostIsland Episode8
KennyER ER The Abyss II Episode7
gamer73 VR 3 Episode6
Hardbitten SurVevmo:Kimberley Episode5
LurkerNoMore Mafia 1 Episode4
MickeyFlo24 Mafia 1 Episode1
Kmacisco ER: Endurance Episode1

Phase 2 Teams

Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Team Formed Eliminated
Boncat23 ChallengeFan00      Episode 7 Individuals
Bupersoy josh8793      Episode 5 Individuals
DScott Kollanekoer      Episode 5 Individuals
Euroslavia Tbone23      Episode 5 Individuals
HonestTea101 Schaboszczak      Episode 5 Individuals
infamous KVM1977      Episode 6 Individuals
hannamez8 WittyWrath      Episode 5 Episode 8
Boncat23 KennyER      Episode 5 Episode 7
ChallengeFan00 RLK2014      Episode 5 Episode 7
Amymak23 infamous      Episode 5 Episode 6
gamer73 KVM1977      Episode 5 Episode 6
LucciVee Youssarian      Episode 5 Episode 6
CMJ Hardbitten      Episode 5 Episode 5
Contestant Color Eliminated
Dscott      Winner
Euroslavia      Winner
josh8793      Winner
Bupersoy      Runner Up
infamous      Runner Up
Kollanekoer      Runner Up
kvm1977      Finals Part 1
Schabozczak      Finals Part 1
Boncat23      Episode10
ChallengeFan00      Episode 10
HonestTea101      Episode 9
Tbone123      Episode 9


Round Blue Team Grey Team Red Team
Captain Amymak23 Boncat23 gamer73
1 DScott PinkRose LurkerNoMore
2 JamieFire Youssarian Hardbitten
3 Tbone123 BlueHatchet2 Kollanekoer
4 Schabozczak Infamous Euroslavia
5 LucciVee kvm1977 josh8793
6 HonestTea101 RLK2014 KennyER
7 ChallengeFan00 CMJ WittyWrath
8 timster3 Bupersoy Kmacisco
9 richjoe92 ColeStoryBro MickeyFlo24

Final Challenge Draft

Round Red Team Blue Team
Captain DScott Bupersoy
1 josh8793 infamous
2 Euroslavia Kollanekoer

Elimination chart

Episode Winner Pit vote Pit game Pit
# Challenge Red Grey Blue Winner Loser
PHASE 1 - Teams
1 Hooked Up Blue Team Mickeyflo24 CMJ N/A End of My Post CMJ Kmacisco
Kmacisco Youssarian Youssarian MickeyFlo24
2 The Superfan Maze Red Team N/A BlueHatchet2 DScott Wrecking Wall BlueHatchet2 Timster3
ColeStoryBro Timster3 DScott ColeStoryBro
3 About Last Letter Red Team N/A Infamous richjoe92 Balls In Infamous richjoe92
4 Meet Me Halfway Red Team N/A
Episode Winner Pit vote Pit game Pit
# Challenge Last Place Team House Selection Winner Loser
PHASE 2 - Pairs
5 Not So Trivial Pursuit LucciVee & Youssarian Bupersoy & josh8793 CMJ & Hardbitten Ring My Bell josh8793 CMJ
Bupersoy Hardbitten
6 Suck & Blow Bupersoy & josh8793 LucciVee & Youssarian ChallengeFan00 & RLK2014 Reverse Tug-Of-War ChallengeFan00 Youssarian
Amymak23 & Infamous RLK2014 LucciVee
7 Life in The Fast Lane infamous & KVM1977 Boncat23 & KennyER RLK2014 Handcuffs Boncat23 RLK2014
Schaboszczak Schaboszczak KennyER
8 Head Over Hills DScott & Kollanekoer hannamez8 & WittyWrath Bupersoy & josh8793 All In josh8793 WittyWrath
Bupersoy hannamez8
PHASE 3 - Individuals
9 No Sleep Boncat23 HonestTea101 ChallengeFan00 Knot So Hard ChallengeFan00 Tbone123
Kollanekoer kvm1977 Tbone123 kvm1977 HonestTea101
10 Balls of Insanity Kollanekoer ChallengeFan00 Boncat23 Up, Up & Away Dscott ChallengeFan00
Dscott Schabozczak Schabozczak Boncat23
11 Final Challenge Red Team (Dscott, Euroslavia, josh8793) 2nd place: Blue Team (Bupersoy, Infamous, Kollanekoer);

Subsequent Vevmo Games

Contestant Subsequent Vevmo Games Appearances Vevmo Games Won
Boncat23 Vevmo Games: Rivals, Vevmo Games: The Triad, Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
BuperSoy The Real Road,

Vevmo Games: Rivals, Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages

The Real Road
ChallengeFan00 Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages, Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
HonestTea101 Vevmo Games: Rivals, Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages, Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages
Timster3 Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters