Vevmo Games: Free Agents
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Genre Reality Competition
Presented by BlueHatchet2
Country of origin Cape Town, South Africa
Original airing November 2015
Preceded by N/A
Followed by Vevmo Games: All In
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Following the premise of MTV's series The Challenge: Free Agents, BlueHatchet2 although originally a VR, is now the first season of The Vevmo Games. 11 vets and 11 rookies all gathered together to fight for their right to be called the baddest bitch on vevmo and earn the monopoly money prize that goes along with it. Already there have been 4 replacements added to the cast due to 3 people quitting and one being removed.


Host: BlueHatchet2 & Euroslavia

Veteran Contestants
Player Debut Season Finish
josh8793* Mafia III Winner
Gamer73 VR 3 Runner Up
CMJ* SurVevmo: Kimberley 3rd Place
Dscott VR11: The Tomb III Episode 8/9
GucciMane VR 5 Episode 7
Hardbitten SurVevmo: Kimberley Episode 6
JAMiEFiRE VR11: The Tomb III Episode 5
hannamez8 VR11: The Tomb III Episode 4
Infamous Mafia I Episode 3
Badladjj VR11:The Tomb III Episode 3
Raymond21 VR4: The Citadel Episode 2
Kollanekoer Mafia I Episode 2
LurkerNoMore Mafia I Episode 1
Rookie Contestants
Player Debut Season Finish
_tasha VR11: The Tomb III Winner
202Mitch BBVT Runner Up
LucciVee BBVT 3rd Place
FreeAgent3 VR12: Free Agents Episode 8
RLK2014 BBVT Episode 7
Jman09* VR12: Free Agents Episode 6
TylerLovesTyler3* SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode 5
TYGUY14 I Love Vevmoney Episode 4
schaboszczak I Love Vevmoney Episode 3
WittyWrath SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode 3
EASmadanave Mafia I Episode 2
ImNotCreative SurVevmo: Ghost Island Episode 2
SemiSweet BBVT Episode 1

Game summary

Elimination chart

Episode Challenge type Challenge winners Elimination contestants Elimination game Elimination outcome
# Challenge Winner's pick "The Draw" pick Winner Loser
1 Auto Draw Indiviudal LurkerNoMore & Infamous Finger Bang Infamous LurkerNoMore
ImNotCreative & Semisweet ImNotCreative Semisweet
2 Brokeback Mountain 2 teams of 10 Red Team Kollanekoer (CMJ) Raymond21 Bish Whet? CMJ Raymond21
EASmadanave RLK2014 RLK2014 EASmadanave
3 Don't Weigh Me Down Pairs (Veteran & Rookie) GucciMane & Jman09 Infamous CMJ Auction From Hell CMJ Infamous
LucciVee Schaboszczak LucciVee Schaboszczak
4 Slasher Flick Individual CMJ JamieFire hannamez8 Do You Even Lift Bro? JamieFire hannamez8
_tasha TYGUY14 Jman09 Jman09 TYGUY14
5 Balls to The Face Indiviudal JamieFire josh8793 GucciMane Finger Bang Elimination Cancelled
Jman09 TylerLovesTyler3 _tasha _tasha TylerLovesTyler3
6 Dugout Pairs (same side) GucciMane & josh8793 Hardbitten CMJ Bish Whet? CMJ Hardbitten
RLK2014 & _tasha FreeAgent3 Jman09 FreeAgent3 Jman09
7 Puzzled Pairs (Veteran & Rookie) josh8793 & 202Mitch GucciMane gamer73 Auction From Hell gamer73 GucciMane
_tasha RLK2014 _tasha RLK2014
8 How Low Can You Go? Individual CMJ Dscott josh8793 Do You Even Lift Bro? josh8793 Dscott
202mitch _tasha FreeAgent3 _tasha FreeAgent3
9 Final Challenge Individual josh8793 2nd Place: gamer73; 3rd Place: CMJ
_tasha 2nd Place: 202mitch; 3rd Place: LucciVee

Episode progress

Veterans Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finale
13 josh8793 Safe Safe ELIM WIN WIN ELIM Winner
19 Gamer73 Draw Draw Safe Draw Draw Draw ELIM Draw Runner Up
09 CMJ ELIM ELIM WIN Draw ELIM Draw WIN 2nd Runner Up
17 Dscott Draw WIN Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe OUT
21 GucciMane Draw WIN WIN Draw ELIM WIN OUT
05 Hardbitten Draw Draw Draw Safe Safe OUT
15 hannamez8 Draw Draw Draw OUT
11 Infamous ELIM WIN OUT
13 Badladjj Draw WIN QUIT
07 Raymond21 Draw OUT
09 Kollanekoer Draw QUIT
03 LurkerNoMore OUT
Rookies Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finale
22 _tasha Draw Draw Safe WIN ELIM WIN ELIM ELIM Winner
06 202Mitch Draw Draw Safe Safe Safe Draw WIN WIN Runner Up
16 LucciVee Draw WIN ELIM Draw Draw Safe Draw Draw 2nd Runner Up
18 FreeAgent3 Draw WIN Safe Safe Safe ELIM Safe OUT
08 RLK2014 Draw ELIM Draw Draw Draw WIN OUT
14 TylerLovesTyler3 Draw Safe OUT
02 TYGUY14 Draw WIN Safe OUT
04 schaboszczak Draw WIN OUT
14 WittyWrath Draw Draw QUIT
20 EASmadanave Draw OUT
10 ImNotCreative ELIM OUT
12 SemiSweet OUT
     This contestant won that day's challenge
     This contestant competed and won that night's elimination
     This contestant participated in the draw
     This contestant was spared from that night's elimination due to another player quitting
     This contestant was removed from the game by production
     This contestant quit the competition
     This contestant won that day's challenge and quit the game
     Italics Indicate that this player was selected by the winner's of the challenge to particpate in the elimination

Subsequent Vevmo Games

Contestant Subsequent Vevmo Games Appearances Vevmo Games Won
FreeAgent3 Vevmo Games: All In
Jman09 Vevmo Games: All In