Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
You're All Alone
Genre Reality Competition
Presented by josh8793 & LurkerNoMore
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 10
Location(s) Undisclosed
Running time 60 minutes (With Commericials)
Original airing March 2017
Preceded by Vevmo Games: The Triad
 Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters is the 6th installment in the Vevmo Games franchise. Host josh8793, brings the cast to an undisclosed location in order for them to participate in a ruthless political game. The format follows that of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island, only with a few minor changes. Instead of 3 people competing in each Face-Off, it's 4. Also the winner of the Face-Off will receive a key and can save one person from possible elimination.The season began on March 6, 2017.


Host: josh8793 & LurkerNoMore 

Player Debut Season Key Finish
ChallengeFan00 VG III: BOTSF Key2 Winner
CMJ SurVevmo: Kimberley Key2 Winner
Kollanekoer Mafia I Key2 Winner
Tbone123 VG II: All In Key2 Winner
DScott VR XI:TheTombII Key2 Runner-Up
Flyguy ER'sSurvivorMalaysia Key2 Runner-Up
Infamous Mafia I Key2 Runner-Up
RLK2014 BBVT Key2 Runner-Up
HonestTea101 VG III: BOTSF Key2 Final Vote
timster3 VG III: BOTSF Key2 Final Vote
Aladmaho ER's UC IX Episode 7
Boncat23 VG III: BOTSF Episode 7
DanishBoy VG VI:InDeepWaters Episode 7
GucciMane VR V Episode 7
Stan_ER ER's UC VI Episode 6
Trinidad055 VR IX:TheTemple Episode 5
mariochristopher_ VG II: All In Episode 4
ColeStoryBro ER'sSurvivorBermuda Episode 3
TylerLovesTyler3 SurVevmo:GhostIsland Disqualified
202Mitch AreYouTheOneToo? Episode 2
WittyWrath AreYouTheOneToo? Episode 2
Klounsnax2.0 VR X:TheColiseum Episode 1
badladjj VR XI:TheTombII Episode 1

Game summary

Episode Face-off
Face-off outcome
# Face-off Face-off winner Saved by winner Stolen Key Saved by vote Eliminated Vote
1 Reach For The Sky 202mitch HonestTea101 202mitch N/A Tbone123 Klounsnax2.0 17-2
2 Ring Wrestle 202mitch Infamous Flyguy N/A DanishBoy 202mitch 9-8
3 Wrecking Wall ColeStoryBro RLK2014 GucciMane N/A DScott ColeStoryBro 12-4
4 In The Trenches aladmaho CMJ Stan_ER N/A aladmaho mariochristopher_ 15-0
5 Unburied Boncat23 ChallengeFan00 N/A Boncat23 Trinidad055 12-1
Flyguy Flyguy
6 Rat In A Cage Boncat23 timster3 N/A DanishBoy Boncat23 Stan_ER 5-3-2
Stan_ER GucciMane
7 Water Bound Boncat23 Kollanekoer N/A Aladmaho N/A Aladmaho N/A
DanishBoy Boncat23
GucciMane DanishBoy
Kollanekoer GucciMane
8 Final Challenge Blue Boat (ChallengeFan00, CMJ, Kollanekoer, Tbone123) Red Boat (DScott, flyguy, infamous, RLK2014)

Key holders

Episode Key Number
1 HonestTea101 Tbone123
2 Infamous DanishBoy
3 RLK2014 DScott
4 CMJ aladmaho
5 ChallengeFan00 Flyguy
6 Timster3
7 Kollanekoer
  • Key Holder at the end of each Episode.


Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
aladmaho Klounsnax2.0202mitch ColeStoryBro Nominee
Boncat23 Klounsnax2.0202mitch DScott Mario
Challengefan00Klounsnax2.0202mitch ColeStoryBro Mario
CMJ Klounsnax2.0DanishBoy ColeStoryBro Mario
DanishBoy Klounsnax2.0Nominee DScott Mario
DScott Klounsnax2.0DanishBoy Nominee Mario
Flyguy Klounsnax2.0 DanishBoyColeStoryBro Mario
GucciManeKlounsnax2.0DanishBoy ColeStoryBro Mario
HonestTea101Klounsnax2.0DanishBoy ColeStoryBro Mario
Infamous Tbone123 DanishBoy ColeStoryBroMario
Kollanekoer Tbone123 DanishBoy ColeStoryBro Mario
RLK2014 Klounsnax2.0 202mitch ColeStoryBro Mario
Stan_ER Klounsnax2.0 202mitch ColeStoryBro Mario
Tbone123NomineeDanishBoy ColeStoryBro Mario
timster3Klounsnax2.0 202mitch ColeStoryBro Mario
Trinidad055 Klounsnax2.0 202mitch DScott Mario
mariochristopher_Did Not Vote 202mitch DScott Voted Out
ColeStoryBro Klounsnax2.0202mitch Voted Out
TylerLovesTyler3 Klounsnax2.0 Did Not Vote Removed
202mitchKlounsnax2.0 Voted Out
WittyWrathKlounsnax2.0 QUIT
Klounsnax2.0Voted Out

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