Vevmo Games: Rivals
Format Reality Competition
Created by ChallengeFan00
Presented by ChallengeFan00
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
Location(s) Bali, Indonesia
Running time 60 minutes
Original airing August 10, 2016
Preceded by Vevmo Games: Battle of The Superfans
Followed by TBA
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 Vevmo Games: Rivals is the fourth edition of the Vevmo Games. This season pits pairs of Rivals against one another for a cash prize of $350,000. After each daily challenge two teams will face off in the jungle where one will be eliminated. After 4 episodes this season was canceled due to the cast's pestering of the host.


Host: ChallengeFan00

Player Debut Season Finish
202Mitch Are You The One Too? N/A
Gamer73 VR III: The Tomb
BlueHatchet2 SurVevmo:Ghost Island N/A
DScott VR11: The Tomb III
BonCat23 Vevmo Games III: BOTSF N/A
HonestTea101 Vevmo Games III: BOTSF
ColeStoryBro ER's Survivor: Bermuda N/A
Flyguy ER's Survivor
DarkFights VR X: The Coliseum II N/A
Nevidcm Mafia 1
Josh8793 Are You The One Too? N/A
LucciVee Are You The One Too?
Kollanekoer Mafia I N/A
TylerLovesTyler3 I Love Vevmoney
LurkerNoMore Mafia I N/A
_tasha VR XI: The Tomb III
Mr.Hauserman Vevmo Games IV: Rivals N/A
Trinidad055 VR IX: The Temple
KennyER ER's Big Brother 1 Episode 4
Schaboszczak I Love Vevmoney
Bupersoy ER's Survivor: Tonga Episode 3
DebutAlbum Vevmo Games IV: Rivals
Hardbitten SurVevmo: Kimberley Episode 2
Infamous Mafia II
Aladmaho ER's UC IX:Turmoil Episode 1
AlwaysAMess Vevmo Games IV: Rivals


Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Eliminated
202Mitch Gamer73      N/A
BlueHatchet2 DScott      N/A
BonCat23 HonestTea101      N/A
ColeStoryBro Flyguy      N/A
DarkFights nevidcm      N/A
Josh8793 LucciVee      N/A
Kollanekoer TylerLovesTyler3      N/A
LurkerNoMore _tasha      N/A
Mr.Hauserman Trinidad055      N/A
KennyER Schaboszczak      Episode 4
Bupersoy DebutAlbum      Episode 3
Hardbitten Infamous      Episode 2
Aladmaho AlwaysAMess      Episode 1

Elimination chart

Episode Winner Last Place Team Jungle vote Draw Selection Jungle game Jungle
# Challenge Winner's Pick Loser's Pick House's Pick Winner Loser
1 Game of Inches Kollanekoer & TylerLovesTyler3 Josh8793 &LucciVee Aladmaho & Alwaysamess Mr.Hauserman & Trinidad055 ColeStroyBro & Flyguy Aladmaho & Alwaysamess Through Thick & Thin josh8793 &LucciVee Aladmaho & Alwaysamess
2 Give Me Some Slack Boncat23 & HonestTea101 ColeStoryBro & Flyguy Hardbitten & Infamous Darkfights & nevidcm Bupersoy & DebutAlbum Hardbitten & Infamous Hand It Over ColeStoryBro & Flyguy Hardbitten & Infamous
3 Guess That Logo Boncat23 & HonestTea101 Bupersoy & DebutAlbum KennyER & Schaboszczak 202Mitch & Gamer73 Kollanekoer & TylerLovesTyler3 KennyER & Schaboszczak Dirty Laundry KennyER & Schaboszczak Bupersoy & DebutAlbum
4 Truck Crossing Boncat23 & HonestTea101 _tasha & LurkerNoMore KennyER & Schaboszczak ColeStoryBro & Flyguy josh8793 & LucciVee KennyER & Schaboszczak Run That Link _tasha & LurkerNoMore KennyER & Schaboszczak