Vevmo Games: The Inferno
Genre Reality Competition
Format Forum Game
Presented by Mr. Hauserman
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 7
Location(s) Cancun, Mexico
Running time 60 Minutes (With Commercials)
First shown in September 2017
Preceded by Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
Followed by TBA
External links
[ Official website]

Mr.Hauserman brings the newest Vevmo Games to vevmo, with a twist. 20 vevmo members were selected to compete on two teams, separated by their personality traits. There are the members of vevmo known for playing fair and not really getting into the drama, these are The Good Guys. Then there are the members who are quick to pop off and those that are always involved in the drama, The Bad Asses.


Host: Mr. Hauserman

Good Guys
Player Status Finish
Ceej3 Rookie
el_greco Rookie
Ethan000 Rookie
josh8793 Veteran
Kollanekoer Veteran
Monoxide Rookie
TD17 Rookie
timster3 Veteran
Trinidad055 Veteran
Youssarian Veteran
Bad Asses
Player Status Finish
badladjj Veteran
camilinator2370 Rookie
ChallengeFan00 Veteran
CosmicDiva Rookie
DiamondsAreForever* Rookie
DScott Veteran
InternationalFan Rookie
JohnPhoenix Veteran
LurkerNoMore Veteran
Morris1721 Rookie

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