Vevmo Games: The Triad
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Genre Reality Competition
Created by Klounsnax2.0
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
Running time 60 minutes (with commercials)
Original airing January 2017
Preceded by Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages
Followed by Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters
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For the fifth installment in the Vevmo Games franchise, Klounsnax2.0 brings us his new individual format, The Triad. The Triad consists of 20 players with the invasion twist seen on MTV's The Challenge. Where 8 Veteran players who are deemed "Champions" are brought in once the competition had begun in order to spice things up. Co-Hosted by: Trinidad055, Semisweet, & 202Mitch


Host: Klounsnax2.0

Player Classification Finish
Flyguy Challenger Winner
TYGUY14 Challenger Runner-Up
BigDaddyVova Champion 3rd Place
Gamer73 Champion Episode 10
Youssarian Changling Episode 9
LurkerNoMore Champion Episode 9*
Hardbitten Champion Episode 8*
MickeyFlo24 Challenger Episode 8
AshKelseyFan Rookie Episode 7
LucciVee Challenger Episode 7
Euroslavia Champion Episode 6
Mr.Hauserman Rookie Episode 6
mariochristopher_ Rookie Episode 5
nevidcm Champion Episode 5
wasnt there Champion Episode 4
Spinner554 Champion Episode 4
DillyBop Rookie Episode 3
Richjoe92 Challenger Episode 3
Boncat23 Challenger Episode 2
Stan_ER Challenger Episode 2

Elimination chart

Episode Winner Triad Vote Triad game Triad
# Challenge Last Place Finisher Winner's Selection House Selection Winner Loser
1/2 Blindman's Maze LucciVee AshKelseyFan Stan_ER Boncat23 The Island AshKelseyFan Stan_ER
3 Ram It Home BigDaddyVova Euroslavia Hardbitten mariochristopher_ Cancelled
4 Name That Coconut Youssarian hannamez8 Euroslavia Spinner554 Cutthroat Euroslavia hannamez8
5 Water Bound Hardbitten Youssarian mariochristopher_ nevidcm The Duel Youssarian nevidcm
6 Last Man Standing Hardbitten Mr.Hauserman N/A
7 Brick By Brick TYGUY14 Youssarian AshKelseyFan LucciVee The Gauntlet Youssarian LucciVee
8 The Exile Youssarian Hardbitten BigDaddyVova MickeyFlo24 The Duel BigDaddyVova MickeyFlo24
9 All In Flyguy Youssarian TYGUY14 LurkerNoMore* The Island TYGUY14 Youssarian
10 Door Jam TYGUY14 BigDaddyVova & flyguy & Hardbitten & LurkerNoMore The Inferno BigDaddyVova Hardbitten
flyguy LurkerNoMore
11 Final Challenge flyguy 2nd place: TYGUY14; 3rd Place: BigDaddyVova