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The Vevmo Challenge

To Continue off the success of Vevmo's Revenge, a new series was created for the next generation of vevmo competitors. To date 7 seasons have completed. With the 8th Challenge being part 2 of a challenge Trilogy. The First being Vevmo Challenge VII: Assassins hosted by Klounsnax2.0.

After season 6, the series was renamed and rebranded as The Vevmo Challenge, instead of Vevmo Games, in order to avoid confusion with other of the sites games which are referred to as vevmo games.

To see records of the Vevmo Games visit the Records Page, there you can find facts and figures related to the Vevmo Games series.

Order Title Host Format Date Aired Winning Team
1 Vevmo Games: Free Agents BlueHatchet2 Individual November 2015      josh8793
2 Vevmo Games: All In josh8793 15 teams of 2 January 2016      Dscott & LurkerNoMore
3 Vevmo Games: Battle of the Superfans badladjj 3 teams of 10 →13 pairs →Individual →2 teams of 3 March 2016      Red Team
(Dscott, Euroslavia, josh8793)
4 Vevmo Games: Battle of The Ages Schaboszczak 3 teams of 11 October 2016      Team Vevmo Games
(Hardbitten, HonestTea101, Infamous, JohnPhoenix, josh8793, Kollanekoer)
5 Vevmo Games: The Triad Klounsnax2.0,


Individual January 2017      Flyguy
6 Vevmo Games: In Deep Waters josh8793,


Indivdual → 2 teams of 4 Spring 2017      Blue Boat
(ChallengeFan00, CMJ, Kollanekoer, Tbone123)
7 The Vevmo Challenge: Assassins Klounsnax2.0 Individual → 2 teams of 4 Spring 2018      Maroon Team
(Hardbitten, Kollanekoer, LurkerNoMore, tdstegall)
8 The Vevmo Challenge: Retribution badladjj Individual Summer 2018      WittyWrath
9 The Vevmo Challenge: Judgement Day Ceej3,
15 teams of 2 October 2018      TBD

Cast Members

Uncompleted Seasons

Order Title Host Date Aired Winning Team
4 Vevmo Games: Rivals Challengefan00 August 2016      Never Determined
7 Vevmo Games: The Inferno Mr.Hauserman September 30, 2017      Never Determined

Vevmo's Revenge

Order Title Host Date Aired Winning Team
11 Vevmo's Revenge XI: The Tomb III cystic & Bacchus April 10th, 2014     Sinners
(CoralFan, Euroslavia, fabulous788, faceless, Gucci Mane, tjhallow, JL81790, Katiedid, RMD1, _tasha)


Mafia is where the cutthroat come together with one common purpose, survival. It's the Townies v.s. the Mafia in an all out lying war to outlive the other. There have been 3 seasons of Mafia as of 2015. The first season hosted by JamieFire in October 2014. Followed by the second season debuting in November 2014, hosted by Raskkii. The 3rd season of Mafia ran in January 2015, this time hosted by Livewitpeace.The fourth season began in February 2015 hosted by josh8793. A fifth season has been announced but there is no word on when it will premiere it will be hosted yet again by josh8793.
Order Title Host Date AiredWinning Team
1 Mafia I JamieFire Early November 2014 Mafia (nevidcm)
2 Mafia II: Bloodbath Raskkii Late November 2014 Townies (Bischoff, JamieFire, LurkerNoMore, Metalking, nevidcm, Youssarian)
3 Mafia III: The Lost Haven Chronicles Livewitpeace January 2015 Townies (hannamez8,josh8793,Klounsnax2.0)
4 Mafia IV: Who's Next? josh8793 February 2015 Townies (Francisco, GucciMane, hannamez8, infinitemily, LurkerNoMore)
5 Mafia V Trinidad055 December 2016 Mafia (BigDaddyVova, Semisweet, Tbone123)

Mafia records

Feat Cast Members Record
Most Season AppearancesDscott4
Most Consecutive SeasonsDscott4
Most Seasons Wonhannamez82
Best Average PlacementGucciMane1
Worst Average Placementandre.silencio18
Most Phases Alivehannamez830
Least Phases Lived EASmadaNave0
Least Number of Votes AgainstDarkFights0
Most Number of Votes Againstandre.silencio17

Are You The One Too?

Following the rules of the MTV show Are You The One? 20 of Vevmo's hottest "singles" made their way to Costa Rica for their chance at love and a cut of the largest prize in Vevmo history, $1,000,000. A surprise twist added a 21st single looking for their own shot at love, adding a Double Match into the equation. It's a race to the truthbooth to help decipher this new puzzle in the twisted game. Will they be able to succeed and get the 10 perfect matches or will they be left with out the grand prize.  

Season One: Winners. Everyone on this Season found their perfect match and therefore won a share of the money. Save the 21st cast member Schaubezzy.

Team 1
Cast Member  Sex 
Auldx Female
Clarke Male
Dscott Male
hannamez8 Female
Jellybeansgotswagger11 Male
LurkerNoMore Male
Morris1721 Male
Raskkii Male
Schaubezzy Male
_tasha Female
Youssarian Male
Team 2
Cast Member  Sex 
202Mitch Male
Mickeyflo24 Male
josh8793 Male
Klounsnax2.0 Male
LionQueen11 Female
LucciVee Male
MTVjunky Male
nevidcm Male
PinkRose Female
WittyWrath Male

Season Two: 20 more of vevmo's population are isolated in the beautiful Hawaii with one goal, finding all 10 perfect matches. Will they succeed like season one?

Are You Still The One?

AYSTO? is a spin off of both The Vevmo Games and Are You The One Too? it will show teams of exes being pitted against eachother in order to win a grand prize. 


Following the premise of the hit CBS show Survivor, SurVevmo was born bringing together groups of vevmo members to compete for a million dollar prize and the title of Sole SurVevmo. The first season of SurVevmo will begin in spring of 2015 hosted by the gif-slaying LurkerNoMore. The first season started casting in February with a March premiere date.


Order Title HostLocation Date AiredSole SurVevmoRunners UpFinal Vote
1 SurVevmo: Kimberley LurkerNoMore
Kimberley, Australia March 2015 Dscott Gucci Mane Raskkii 8-1-0
2 SurVevmo: Ghost Island LurkerNoMore
Hashima Island, Japan Summer 2015 MetalKing Justintime


3 Survevmo: Victoria LurkerNoMore
Victoria, Australia Summer 2017 Semisweet KVM1977 Ceej3


Big Brother: The Vevmo Takeover

Badladjj & hannamez8 bring vevmo's newest game to the table. Following the premise of CBS's hit summer competition Big Brother, in the first season 16 players entered the house in their chance to win the Grand Prize and outlast the others, avoiding eviciton.The first twist of season one had the contestants seperated into two teams, The Bad Asses and The Good Guys. 


Order Title Host Date Aired Winner Runner Up Final Vote
1 Big Brother: The Vevmo Takeover (Season 1) Badladjj
June 2015 Youssarian RLK2014 6-3
2 Big Brother: The Vevmo Takeover (Season 2) Klounsnax2.0 June 6, 2017 Kajun badladjj 4-3

Vevmo's Mole

A Mole; noun: A spy (as a double agent) who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage.

Seventeen strangers set off in a journey through missions and quizzes. Each mission they pass adds money to a group pot, that only one player can win, and can grow up to $500,000 dollars. But one of the seventeen players is a mole, a double agent, working for us to sabotage the group’s effort by preventing them to pass the missions. No one knows who the mole is, so no one knows whom they can trust. Not all of them will complete the journey because every few days there will be a quiz about the mole. The players who score the lowest on the quizzes are executed and must leave the game immediately. It is a simple game… Be observant, expose the mole, and claim the money. Each player has a strategy, but only one will win. The one, who correctly answers the question, ‘who is the mole’... Is it?

Vevmo's Mole (Season 1) Began in May of 2015 hosted by it's creator hannamez8.

I Love Vevmoney


Order Title Host Date Aired Winner Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
1 I Love Vevmoney (season 1) Justintime
July 2015 Dscott DarkFights nevidcm

Endurance Vevmo


Order Title Host Date Aired Winner Runner Up
1 Endurance: Prangli Island Kollanekoer July 2015 Red Team (JAMiEFiRE & Metalking) Purple Team (Hardbitten & Net)

The Real Road


Order Title Host Date Aired Winner Runner Up
1 The Real Road (Season 1) HonestTea101 July 2016 Bupersoy DScott
2 The Real Road II: European Escapades HonestTea101 June 2017 InternationalFan Deeper

Vevmo Games Seasons
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